Do you care about
your child’s
future ?
We do as well.

For the child’s future, what is more important than test scores is the ability to realize the dreams .
It depends on both “Attitude” and “Ability”.

In this ever-changing era, if a child possesses the key “qualities”, even at his/her early school years or after graduation, s/he will have self-confidence and stride to become a global talent.

For over 60 years, Kumon has been dedicated to nurturing children to master the “inner strengths” to realize their dreams in over 58 countries and regions.

Inner Strengths


Maths, English, Chinese


Kindergarteners, Primary and Secondary school students aged 3 and above

Study Mode

Daily study at home and meet the instructor once weekly

Learning Format

Paper-based Learning

Digital Learning

Only Smart Kid can become Global Talent?

Not necessarily.

Every child, like a seed, will eventually grow into a big tree. Their starting points and journeys vary but they are seeds with boundless potential. As long as they are provided with appropriate sunlight, water and nutrients, every seed will grow into a robust tree.

A good learning method will nourish your child.

Tiny seed
Slowly absorb and grow

Children are curious and enthusiastic in learning. However, they may not have the right learning method and thus they are yet to breakthrough.

The Kumon Method of Learning:
No matter how you think about your child, it could still be too early to jump to conclusions at this stage. Children grow at different pace. Take the "Kumon Diagnostic Test” to understand the child’s progress.

Small leaves have grown but it is not strong enough to rise quickly

Children are smart but may not have interest in learning.

The Kumon Method of Learning:
Tailor-made appropriate starting point according to the child’s ability level, focusing on motivation and interest.

Young plant
Growing healthily but yet to become a robust tree

Steady progress in learning but yet to grow exponentially.

The Kumon Method of Learning:
Through studying meticulously designed systematic worksheets, children are inspired through self-learning step-by-step, and gradually accumulate adequate academic skills.

A Grown Tree
Robust and bloom

Brilliantly performed and if guided appropriately, it could achieve excellence.

The Kumon Method of Learning:
Guide and inspire children to self-learn, willing to take up challenges, give room, and thus the child could break through their limit and learn beyond their school grade.

For over 60 years, the Kumon Method, based on a learning method developed by its founder who is an educational expert, has witnessed the growth of many children and how they realize their dreams across the world.


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One father’s love for his son gave birth to the Kumon Method of learning.

Toru Kumon, founder of the Kumon Method of learning, was born in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from Osaka Imperial University, Faculty of Science, Department of Maths, he became a high school Maths teacher for many years. Seeing that his P2 son’s Maths test results were not as good as they usually were, he started to make worksheets for his son to practice each day comfortably. As improvements in his son was obvious, he established the Osaka Institute of Mathematics (later became the Kumon Institute of Education Co.).

“By discovering the potential of each individual and developing his or her ability to the maximum, we aim to foster sound, capable people and thus contribute to the global community.”

What we care about most is “each individual child”.

The Four Strengths of Kumon

“We wish that all people in all countries and regions in the world will have the opportunity to learn with the Kumon Method, and that each individual in the world will be enthusiastically self-learning and making efforts towards realizing his or her goals and dreams.”

1. Individualized Instruction

Kumon instructor decides an appropriate starting point and sets up a study projection regardless of age and school grade.

2. Self-Learning

With nurturing children’s self-learning ability as our goal, we let them progress at their own paces and gain confidence in the process.

3. Small-Steps Worksheets

We believe the best learning progress is the “just-right” level of progress.

4. Kumon Instructors

Kumon instructors will observe the child’s learning ability, ways to solve questions, personality and learning attitude to provide effective instruction, which contributes to building his or her ability to solve problems.

Guide your kindergarteners to start a transformational new journey

Sharing from our parents, Ms. Cheng and Ms. Law: Kumon will bring changes in children. It’s worth a try!

Kumon subjects

Kumon Maths

Objective: to enable children to self-study secondary school mathematics
  • Worksheets are designed for global use which suit all syllabus.
  • Introducing new topics with small steps, allowing students to develop their calculation ability.
  • Reading examples will nurture the ability to analyze, the ability to solve questions and the ability to think logically.
  • To master high school mathematics with the shortest time and advance study to higher levels.

Kumon EFL (English as a Foreign Language)

Objective: to develop an advanced level of reading comprehension ability
  • Designed for students who do not always get the chance to read and practice English in daily life.
  • Target to master a vocabulary of 500 words at pre-school level, and be familiarized with daily expressions and grammar at junior primary and develop advanced level of reading comprehension ability.
  • Offer the “Kumon Audio Learning App” for free use, allowing students to listen to the audio files anytime, anywhere

Kumon ERP (English Reading Program)

Objective: to develop a high level of English reading ability
  • Designed for students with more English exposure and higher ability in English
  • Learn over a vocabulary of 1,000 words in a native context
  • Master advanced grammar and nurture the ability to read 95 words per minute.
  • Enhance listening, reading, reading aloud and writing ability, and strengthen the confidence in English usage.

Kumon Chinese

Objective: to develop a high level of Chinese reading ability
  • Nurture language intuition and listening skills through listening to and singing nursery rhymes and songs, and arouse learning interest.
  • Master stokes in writing Chinese characters and sentence structure, enrich vocabulary, and improve reading comprehension and writing ability.
  • Through summary exercises, grasp the core messages in the passage, enhance the ability to conclude and organize information.
  • Literary works of different genres, stories, proses and poems are included which allows the child to be well-cultured in literature.

Learn progressively
Stay tuned with knowledge

Kumon Pencil Skills Programme

  • Kumon instructor will assign the appropriate level of pencil skills worksheets according to your child’s ability and progress.
  • From simple colouring and drawing straight lines, your child will move on to draw curved lines and lines with corners, with the increase of difficulties.
  • Not only training motor skills but also increasing the ability to write smoothly and to concentrate.

Kumon Magnetic Number Boards

  • Effectively enhance children's counting, number sense, hand-eye coordination, recognition skills, and hand and finger dexterity.
  • Thoughtful design to cater for children's learning needs, like the size and colour of the board and number pieces.
  • Children can visualize and understand the complex number concepts and rules through playing with the number boards in a variety of ways.
  • From beginning to advanced level, this game prepares children for learning singular and even numbers, addition, subtraction, and multiplication in a progressive manner afterwards.

Kumon Jigsaw Puzzles Series

  • Divided into eight stages.
  • Puzzles in different sizes to suit different ages.
  • Easy for children to pick up and put together to improve strength and dexterity of their hands and fingers.
  • Bright and colourful puzzles with different themes based on children's favourite animals, vehicles, etc. 
  • The first step (Step 0) puzzle has a small handle for easy grasping of the puzzles, which is effective in training kindergarteners’ thinking and hand dexterity.
  • Improves children's work skills, concentration, and recognition skills.


Kumon Traditional style tuition
Goal Pursue children’s potential and nurture their learning abilities (study habit, concentration, motivation, etc.) which are beneficial for a lifetime. Improve academic performance
Worksheets Developed by professional teams and used globally. We keep revising the worksheets based on real practices in order to make them even more effective. Usually based on school syllabus
School grade Regardless of age and study at the just-right level. The child will take the diagnostic test and the instructor will decide an appropriate starting point, set up a study projection, stage goals and a study plan according to the child’s ability. Group study with standardized progress according to school grade and school syllabus.
Instructor A team of instructors who have undergone systematic training and maintained continuous learning, giving children proper guidance and inspiring them to learn by themselves. Kumon instructors will not directly teach the children in the first place on how to solve the problem. Instead, they guide the children to solve and explore new knowledge according to their ability so as to improve their self-learning ability. Be taught directly on how to solve questions and lack of chance to self-learn.

Many parents think that Kumon is tutoring on homework, tests and exams based on the child’s immediate academic needs.

In fact, Kumon takes a relatively comprehensive and long-term approach in nurturing children. Together with parents, we want to nurture confident and self-disciplined children.


  1. Learn what your child can do
    Kumon programme is not limited by school textbooks or school grades. Through the diagnostic test and observation, our instructors find what your child can do and what needs to be strengthened. The instructors formulate a personalized learning plan based on the child’s strengths and weaknesses, and target to improve his or her learning confidence and performance at the beginning.
  2. Let your child master a self-learning attitude that is useful for a lifetime
    Kumon’s mission is to cultivate children’s self-learning attitude. Instead of step-by-step monitoring or nagging the child, instructors use unique Kumon worksheets and instruction methods to guide children to read examples and solve problems by themselves, and not rely on others. Even for new questions that the child does not fully understand, the child could use what s/he has previously studied, applying what is learnt.

Kumon’s learning contents cover from kindergarten level to high-school level. Kindergartners, elementary school students and high school students can learn with Kumon. With over 60 years of experience in education, we found that the sooner children begin, the easier they can build a good learning habit and be well-prepared for the future study. Therefore, we suggest parents have their children enrolled in Kumon once they reach the age of three.

The child has to go to the centre once a week, so the instructor can understand the recent learning situation and assign appropriate worksheets for the child to study at home daily. As every child (even if they are in the same school grade) has different start points and ability level, the time they stay in centre each time could be different. Generally it takes 30-45 minutes to complete a study flow.

The child should go to Kumon centre once a week.

  1. Enter the centre and submit homework to mark.
  2. Make corrections of the previous week’s homework (if any), and start the day’s classwork: Under the guidance of the instructor, your child will do corrections of last week’s homework, and then start concentrating on the classwork. After finishing the classwork, record the finishing time.
  3. Submit the classwork and do corrections: your child’s classwork is marked and s/he will correct the mistakes of the day’s classwork until it is all correct, obtain 100 marks and receive compliment from the instructor.
  4. Oral check/Learn with supplementary learning tools:
    • Oral check with instructor (for language programs students)
    • Flashcard practice (for elementary-level students of ERP or Chinese program)
    • Count numbers, practice with the magnetic number board or the multiplication table
  1. Review the day’s performance with the instructor and understand the expectation and content of the newly assigned homework

Kumon emphasizes on “just-right level of learning” and thus the amount of work and progress are assigned according to the progress of your child, and the time they spend in class are different.

Generally speaking, it takes 30 minutes to finish homework daily. Kumon has its systematic worksheets. Step-by-step, from an easy starting point, your child can self-learn to an advanced level. It allows your child to tackle topics they have not learnt at school at ease. After they enter the advanced study, they learn from the examples and grasp the essence with their own ability, and at the same time it enhances their self-learning ability. They could perform well both academically and develop good personal qualities.

  1. Choose a nearby Kumon education center and make a reservation for Parents’ Orientation.
  2. Attend Parents’ Orientation at Kumon education center to know more about the Kumon Method.
  3. You child takes the Diagnostic Test. The instructor sets the most appropriate starting point and project the study progress for your child.
  4. Complete registration and let your child start studying Kumon!
Mr. Lau (Daddy)
Mr. Lau (Daddy)“Kumon nurtures their interest and motivation in learning”
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Kumon nurtures my children's interest and motivation in learning, and they will not ask for answers when they face problems. They will first try to solve it on their own and try to tackle challenge step by step!

Through the united efforts of Mr. Lau and Kumon, Mr. Lau’s daughter and son learn “Work Hard, Play Hard” at an early stage. They finish their work before they go and have fun. Kumon assigns progress based on the child’s learning ability and advanced study allows the brother and sister to perform well in school.

Mr. Lau’s daughter started Kumon in K1 and advanced study to complete all three subjects (Maths, English (EFL) and Chinese); Mr. Lau’s son has studied Kumon for 6 years and has completed English (EFL). He is continuing with Chinese. They would like to be a lawyer and a doctor respectively in the future. Let’s wish they keep working hard and achieve their dreams!
Ms. Mo (Mother)
Ms. Mo (Mother)“I have never thought that Kumon could change his character……”
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Ms. Mo’s son studied Kumon for 7 years, and Ms. Mo has witnessed tremendous improvement in her son’s English, even in English composition. However, it is not only academic excellence that pleased Ms. Mo: “My son is aggressive in a way and he will be sad when he has difficulties and challenges. Yet in Kumon, it teaches him to face mistakes positively. Our Kumon instructor and I will calm him down and encourage him to try again. Tell him the most important thing is to know where the mistake is and correct it gradually, give him confidence that success will come eventually.” Today, Ms. Mo’s son can face challenges calmly and know when to ask for assistance proactively. The good attitude and higher ability allow Ms. Mo’s son to strive!
Ms. Law, and Ms. Cheng
Ms. Law, and Ms. Cheng“Thanks to Kumon! Smooth transition to P1 makes my life easier……”
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Thanks to Kumon, our children adapt to P1’s life smoothly. It makes our lives easier.

There are a lot for the child to accommodate when they promote to P1, and it adds pressure to parents. To lift your burden, one effective way is to find some help and help your child to build a good foundation academically.